10 Signs Your House is Being Watched by ROBBERS

Every year, there are approximately 901 thefts per 100,000 people worldwide. To avoid a statistics, many people protect their homes. Some choose alarms, others rely on strong doors with complex locks, some by installing security cameras, LED lights, smart locks and high-tech security gadgets. But even the most observant people don’t always notice that robbers have already started to watch their home and waiting for the right moment to make a move.

Pay attention details that can be connected with theft even if they seem trivial at first sight. We’ve prepared a list of signs that should help you stay alert. We hope that you’ll never encounter a theft but it’s better to always be on your guard.

No. 1 – Missing Garbage

Robbers are attracted to a home not only because of the owner’s money or jewellery. Very often, people throw out papers containing important information: names, dates of birth, address, passport numbers, credit card number and other data. These data is exactly what robbers need, that’s why you should make a rule and a habit to always tear up papers with personal information into small pieces before throwing them away.

No. 2 – The disappearance of your dog.

Your dog didn’t go on a midnight stroll with a fellow pup or get stolen because it’s a popular breed. Robbers are such heartless beings that they’ll even resort to dognapping to get rid of your reliable fluffy. Dogs are guarding a house are a burden for robbers that’s why they may try to get rid of them by drawing it outside when the owners are not at home. After two days, the robbers will come back unafraid of being bitten by a dog. Of course, the missing dog doesn’t always mean an upcoming robbery. But one shouldn’t exclude this option.

No. 3 – An empty Gas Tank

To prevent their potential victims from coming home earlier, robbers may drain the gasoline from their car. In a worst-case scenario, you won’t be able to get to a gas station which means you’ll get back home even later. So if you’re sure that you had a full gas tank yesterday and almost empty today, please ask someone keep eyes on your house until you get home.

No. 4 – A New Janitor

If you use a service of a cleaning company, and you always see the same worker appearance of a new cleaner should worry you. Be extra cautious if the company itself didn’t inform you of the change in personal. The new cleaner could be a robber who wants to inspect your home for valuables. But how did they know you used a cleaning service? It’s better not to ask them directly, because it may arouse suspicion. The best thing you do is call the company and ask if there have any changes in their staff and why the previous worker was replaced. You should also validate the identity of the new cleaner to if it’s really their employee.

No. 5 – A Broken Window

Don’t assume that wayward teens pull a prank on you if this unfortunate event happens. Some criminals may throw stones at a car or house window to check if owners are at home and whether the alarms works. If neither the owners nor the neighbours come outside to check on what’s going on and the police don’t come either, it can help robbers to calculate the best time for a robbery. If you are at home and someone breaks one of your windows, call the police immediately. In addition, checking your alarm to your weekly or monthly house maintenance to make sure it’s in perfect condition.

No. 6 – Problem with Lights

if you’re living in a private house and there are lanterns with motions sensors installed in your yard, check them immediately if they appear to be malfunctioning. How can you tell if someone has messed with your motion sensors a slightly unscrewed light bulb that has not burned out is a signal that someone wants to sneak into your house on notice. It never hurts to conduct a brief house inspection before you leaving your house especially when you’re planning a long trip. You might also consider investing in outdoor security camera with long-run battery with motion sensors and installing them in strategic places around your house.

No. 7 – Ads and Stickers

Commercial fliers are annoying pieces of trash, but little did you know they can be used against you. Robbers mark easily-accessible homes with help of commercial fliers since simply stickers. Of course, sometimes a flier is just a flyer. But it’s still better to get rid of it right away. If you are leaving on a vacation, ask your neighbours to take away add booklets, stickers and your mail. A pile of papers in the mailbox is an obvious sign that the owners are not at home, giving the green light to robbers.

No. 8 – Strange Marks

Erase any suspicious marks that appear on the door of your home, garden lanterns or simply near your home. It’s another method for robbers to mark houses that are easy sneak into or houses whose owners are absent. It only means one thing, you are the next target.

No. 9 – Calls from Unknow Numbers

To find out what time the owners of a home are absent, robbers call the home phone and drop a call. If small child pick up the phone, robbers can try to get some information from them. Explain to your kids that they shouldn’t say anything to strangers and don’t ignore repeatedly dropped the calls. It’s better to approach the police in advance.

No. 10 – A Broken lock

A malfunctioning lock or scratches on a door are sign that someone has tried to get into your house. Take action right away, call the police and change the locks for more reliable ones like dead bolts and think about install an security camera. You should also check your windows and immediately repair any broken ones. Robbers or opportunities and they will do anything to break into your house.

Are you aware of any other signs of an upcoming theft? Please tell us about them in the comments. Don’t forget share this video with everyone so they can be alerted in advance.