Dads in Lockdown: the Best Gift in 2021 Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a little different this year for much of Australia’s population, likely taking place in lockdown. So find something to put a smile on dad’s face when they wake up.

father's day gift lockdown

Despite 2021 being a whole new year and clearly not whatever 2020 was, the back half of it has turned into something else. If you’re living on the east coast of Australia, there’s a good chance you and your parents are in lockdown, either living together or apart, the latter of which means you’re probably not seeing them.

father's day lockdown

There are things we can all do, and regular calls and video chats can help make things a little easier, but if you want to keep your father a little happier throughout these times, a present on September 5 to let him know you care might just do it, even remotely. And those Father’s Day 2021 presents could be something he can use in lockdown, whether he’s focused on the time he can have outside exercising, the time he has inside the home, or the time he’s trying to keep entertained, like we all are.

Ideas for a fit-focused Dad

One of the things you can still do in lockdown is fitness, reserving that hour or two of your time dependent on where you are, letting you get out and exercising.

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