How Australia's unemployment rate impact on residential home safety

Australian Jobless rate jumps to 7.1pc, worst in 19 years. Australia's unemployment rate jumped to 7.1 per cent in May, up from a revised 6.4 per cent in April, as the economy shed 227,700 jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unemployment is now at its highest since October 2001, when the rate reached 7.2 per cent, 19 years ago and predicted to reach 10 % soon.

Despite the current global pandemic, residential home security situation had been changed significantly because of unemployment circumstance and Working from Home requirement. 

It is clear that in a sea of overwhelming priorities, residents and homeowners should focus on Six areas.

Focus Area 1: Lock all windows and doors; unlocked side and rear doors are the most common entry point for burglars.

Focus Area 2: Ensure garage doors and internal access entries to the house and backyard are locked.

Focus Area 3: Lock your home when you enter or leave and place keys out of sight.

Focus Area 4: Install an alarm system and/or CCTV.

Focus Area 5: Install good-quality locks on doors and windows.

Focus Area 6: Report any suspicious behavior to police immediately.