How to deploy a home security system in a cost-efficient way?

A home security system is designed to monitor your home and alert you if someone enters your property. The cost of a home security system is worth the investment, and the best systems do more than keep intruders out of your home.

When considering the cost of a home security system, consider the value of monitoring when your packages have been delivered to avoid theft or see when someone approaches your home. 

Add home automation functionality, and you’ll check-in through your security camera to see how your family or your pets are doing. When asking yourself, "how much does a home security system cost" the conveniences and peace of mind are priceless.

In concrete terms, how much is a security system? The best home security system packages start at $100. Read on for more information on the cost of home security systems.

What you need to know before getting a home security system. There are some key cost part to consider when comparing home security systems

  • Equipment cost
  • Professional installation cost
  • Contracts and commitments
  • Monthly monitoring fees

EQUIPMENT from $100 to $1000

Take a closer look at the number of items a home security package includes. Some essential items like a security camera the system's brains and more useful build-in functionalities like two-way audio and siren can get rid of doorbell and alarm completely.


Most wireless home security systems are pretty simple to install yourself, like Home Guards Wireless Security Camera. You may be unsure of how to get your system running or may get stuck setting up the equipment. In addition, if you're not tech-savvy, getting all the equipment properly linked and functioning may cost you from $200 to $600. However, Home Guards Security Camera only take 1 min to set up connection, which can help you to save money in your pocket.


Not every home security system requires a professional monitoring service, but it's a good idea if you travel often or prefer to have your home protected 24/7. Monitoring fees can vary greatly. Basic monthly fees include 24/7 monitoring and dispatch of first responders. More expensive monthly monitoring fees usually include watching over other security equipment. Home Guards Wireless Security Camera allows to monitor your home via Home Guards App anywhere at anytime.


Read the fine print before you sign up for service with a security system provider. Most don't require you to commit to a contract, which could save you money on cancellation fees. If you've chosen a company that is willing to provide you with equipment that has no upfront costs, you'll likely have to agree to a monitoring service for several years to pay back the equipment's cost.

If the home security company you choose requires you to sign a contract for a certain length, it'll likely charge a cancellation fee if you decide to terminate the services before the contract ends. The cancellation fees are usually based on the amount of time you have left on your contract, with the highest fee costing you 3/4 of the time left on your contract.