How to secure home during extended lockdown

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With the COVID-19-lock downs currently in place in our community many of you will have switched from the work office to the home office.

We are aware however that some of the local community are essential workers and therefore not home during day/ night. We are also aware that everyone at some stage will need to go out and purchase or collect groceries/ food at times too.

Whilst we perform these duties are homes are left vacant during these times and this presents an opportunity for thieves to break in and steal your vehicles and valuables.

How do you prevent these opportunities from happening?

Police care about the local community and therefore give advice that it is vitally important that you take the time to check your current home security measures, to ensure you don’t become a victim to these types of offences.

Follow these tips to help secure your house and prevent break-ins

You can do this by ensuring you always lock your doors and windows with a key even when you are home. Ensure that all external doors, including your garage of your home are solid and fitted with quality deadlocks.

The other important thing we must do is to make sure car keys and house keys, together with mobile phones, handbags and wallets are stored out of sight. Lock away items of value such as bikes, lawn mowers and garden implements and always keep your garage or shed door closed and locked with a key.

Most car thefts are opportunistic and there several things you can do to reduce the risk of having your car stolen or broken into:

  • Parking your vehicle in well-lit and highly visible area whenever possible
  • When parking in a garage, ensure both the garage and vehicle are locked and the garage door remotes are secured.
  • Avoid marking your keys with your personal or vehicle details such as name, phone number or vehicle registration.
  • Remove all valuables and personal items out of your car and ensure they are out of sight.
  • Secure your registration plates with anti-theft screws (can call local police for these)
  • Consider installing a GPS tracker to your vehicle

When it comes to your car or your home always get into the habit of locking it and then checking again to make sure it is locked.

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