What is stage 4 restrictions look like? And what is the most important if go into Stage 4?

Great Melbourne is expected to go into the highest level of coronavirus lockdown since the COVID-19 crisis hit Australia – Stage 4 restrictions – in the early hours of Wednesday.

So what would Stage Four restrictions look like? And what is the most import for Great Melbourne residence if stage 4 restrictions come?

New Zealand stage 4 restriction

New Zealand went into stage four of these restrictions two weeks ago in March. Stage 4 is activated when it is determined likely that COVID-19 is not contained. Measures include:

  • instructing people to stay at home
  • closing educational facilities and all non-essential businesses
  • rationing supplies and requisitioning facilities
  • limiting travel
  • major reprioritisation of healthcare services

However, there is no universal playbook for governments during the pandemic. An Australian stage 4 could look very different to the policies New Zealand has introduced.

United Kingdom stage 4 restrictions

The UK declared a lockdown on March 24, with Britons only allowed to leave their homes once a day for exercise, to shop for essential items like food, for any medical needs or to help a vulnerable person.

However, over 70s and vulnerable people have been asked to remain indoors for a full 12 weeks while the country grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic.

So how likely is it Victory, or Great Melbourne will go to stage 4? Even we ‘Already in it’ because of facial covering compulsory. But there will be more strict restrictions coming along with Stage 4 announcement.

No Visitors in Stage 4

“People are visiting friends and family – and taking the virus home with them,” Daniel Andrews said.

“You cannot visit friends. They cannot visit you.

Schools closing in Stage 4

The full list of school closures can be found on the Department of Education’s website.

More businesses would need to close

In New Zealand, all businesses were closed apart from supermarkets, pharmacies, clinics and other organisations it described as "lifeline utilities" during the stage 4 restriction.

Metro Melbourne could be split into self-contained zones

Stage 4 could include further limits to restrict travel within certain zones or postcodes.

If stage 4 will be started, what is the most important for the residents in stage 4 zone?

Home Security

People is not allowed to go out or limited one person per time to go our for essential activities, like food supply or medical supply. The food or other human essential daily supplies will be in a short supply.

The basic things of human life could be resulting in some illegal behavior, like burglary or robbery. Don’t even thinking about staying and working from home will keep eyes on your families and home, because you don’t know how danger situation you are facing if a super hungry man come for food or others and you also don’t know what they will do for you and your family members.

Stay Healthy! Stay Safety!